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Our Indoor Range is open during limited Club hours

BUT... with Restrictions.

        • The ONLY Entrance to the Range is the Side Range Door

          (Range Pass Reader is next to door)

        • FACE Coverings are Required
        • Maximum Occupancy is 5 Shooters
        • Wait Outside if a port is not available
        • Social Distancing must be obeyed
        • Clean your port before and after use
        • Only Use Designated Open Ports
        • Must Not Enter Airlock or Clubhouse unless for an Emergency exit
        • Bathrooms may be accessed by exiting and walking around Clubhouse to opposite Clubhouse side door.

We keep our members and customers health as our number one priority.

Typical Pre-Covid Indoor Range Hours were **

(**NOTE: See Pistol League Schedules below for Restrictions of Range use)

Noon to 9:00 pm to Members only.


For 2021

Our Range is being managed and maintained by our Range Committee.

Please be patient as we go through this new transition. Thank you.


Guests are allowed the first Saturday ONLY of the Full Weekend of each month from Noon-2:00pm

One guest per member, use of one shared shooting port between Member and Guest, $10.00 fee


Range Pass

Indoor/Pistol Range Cardkey $40 annually


Any questions, Contact: Ludlowfishrange@gmail.com


Basic Pistol Course

This Basic Pistol Course will be offered on a monthly basis if there is sufficient interest, usually on the third Wednesday in the evening and the following Saturday morning.

The course will emphasize firearms safety and the shooter responsibility for safe storage and transportation under the Massachusetts State Law.

Both Classroom and "hands on" training will be used to teach the basic functioning of pistols, revolvers and ammunition as well as maintenance and cleaning.  Sufficient basic shooting skills and range procedure will be taught to enable the students to participate in recreational shooting.

The course is taught by licensed instructors and enables those completing the program to obtain a Massachusetts LTC - License to Carry Pistols and Revolvers.

For Further information, contact via email at Basic Pistol@lfgclub.org